South America Peru Land Tour

Puno & Lake Titicaca

On this 3-day Peru & Lake Titicaca tour extension, visit the floating reed islands of the Uros and the indigenous communities of Taquile. Stay two nights on the shore of Lake Titicaca and become immersed in the beautiful and ancient cultures of Peru. Many of the inhabitants of the Unos and Taquile Islands still practice the old traditions of fishing, trapping and living on the totora reeds. 

This Puno & Lake Titicaca extension is designed to complement travel to Machu Picchu, other Peru travel or a Galapagos small ship cruise. Lake Titicaca straddles Peru and Bolivia, is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and, at 13,120 feet, is the highest navigable lake in the world. Landscapes of indescribable beauty have been the origin and cradle of pre-Hispanic civilizations such as Tiahuanaco, Collas and Aymaras. Puno’s wealth of indigenous dance, art and culture makes it the folklore capital of Peru. The native residents of Puno are the ethnic Aymara and make up 13% of Peru’s population. They are fully adapted to this high-altitude environment and many of them are dedicated to the elaboration of beautiful crafts and fine alpaca wool fabrics. 

To extend your Peruvian travel or customize your Puno & Lake Titicaca tour by adding more days, kayaking on Lake Titicaca or traveling to other regions within Peru, call an Adventure Specialist today.

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