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Known as the Last Frontier, Alaska is a true adventure destination. Choosing to explore with AdventureSmith Explorations means you will experience it in a way that’s intimate, active and in touch with nature and culture. Why book your trip to Alaska with AdventureSmith?

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Work with one Adventure Specialist to research, purchase & prepare for your Alaska adventure.

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We have an unmatched selection of Alaska trips aboard some 50 small ships and lodges.

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Founded by a former Alaska naturalist guide, AdventureSmith can match you with the best adventure trips.

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We’re here to help you save on your Alaska trip with our partnerships & exclusive deals.

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Alaska Travel FAQs

We send hundreds of travelers to Alaska each year; thus, we answer a lot of questions about Alaska trips, cruises ships and lodges. Let our team be your personalized resource. What questions do we get asked the most? We’ll answer one of our most frequently asked questions here, but browse our Alaska Travel Guides to research more.

How active are your Alaska trips? Our Alaska adventure trips are focused on active and educational explorations of the natural world. Our itineraries often include guided light hiking and sea kayaking, and sometimes alternative activities such as stand-up paddleboarding and river rafting. Each and every activity is optional, and the trip’s naturalist/guides will help you determine if an activity or excursion is right for you. We also take this into consideration before you go; AdventureSmith’s booking process is to asses your activity interests and match you with the best trip for your travel style.

A yacht sails the Alaska coastline with snowy mountain behind it

Alaska Custom Trips & Charters

Looking for an exclusive Alaska adventure? Consider a private yacht charter or a custom itinerary to design your own experience. Our specialists are intimately familiar with all Alaska travel options and steer you to a trusted small ship charter or customize most of our itineraries for your needs. View our curated listing of charters if you’re a group of 8 to 22.

“Our Alaska adventure trips are focused on active and educational explorations of the natural world.”


Alaska Trips

Temperature & Rainfall

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg High 22 26 33 44 55 62 65 63 55 40 28 22
Avg Low 9 12 17 28 39 47 52 49 41 58 16 10
Rainfall 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.5 0.7 1.0 1.9 2.7 2.6 1.9 1.0 1.1

Summer-Time Alaska Travel

While you can travel to Alaska year-round, Alaska’s best weather (and main season for tourism) is statistically May through September. During this time, adventure travelers enjoy warmer temperatures, long days with late sunsets and accessible wildlife.

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