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Camp Cecil Adventure

Indulge your desert island experience in the best way possible, on the 3-day Camp Cecil Adventure with excellent naturalist guides, incredible adventure options and an entire island to explore. The island Espiritu Santo is a one-hour boat ride from La Paz and is located within a National Marine Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site offering protected wildlife and landscapes rife for exploration. The Sea of Cortez has an incredible array of sea life and is often touted as the richest body of water on the planet with the intense tidal flows offering marine life a constant feed of nutrients that keep the population strong. This expanse of marine life also supports a healthy bird population, making this area excellent for birdwatching.

The Camp Cecil Adventure offers a unique, comfortable experience hosted at Camp Cecil—an 8-tent, luxury, all-inclusive camp—and offers a plethora of options to explore this exceptional environment. With miles of shoreline to kayak and stand-up paddleboard, search for blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebird colonies. Spend time exploring the prolific underwater life snorkeling the area’s reefs and swimming with the playful sea lions. On land, find solitude in hidden lagoons and deserted beaches, or just relax at camp. This personalized trip can offer plenty of time to unwind by swimming in the gentle sea, sipping margaritas as the sun goes down or gazing at the plentitude of stars on this island free of electricity.

The Camp Cecil Adventure is the perfect getaway and is completely customizable. Days can be added for more time to explore, relax and learn about the local wildlife and guests can choose which activities suit them best for each day. With this customizable variety of adventure and relaxation opportunities, this trip is perfect for couples, groups of friends and multi-generational families. Trips leave from the Baja port town of La Paz, Mexico.

The Camp Cecil Adventure is designed to complement a longer Baja Tour or a Baja small ship cruise. Please contact an Adventure Specialist for more details.

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