Belize Climate

Temperature & Rainfall

Avg. High (F)818284868787878887868381
Avg. Low (F)666971747575757574726868
Avg. Water Temp (F)79.579.580.281.783.184.68484.985.584.28280.8
Avg. Rainfall (Inches)

Warmth Year Round

The climate in Belize is subtropical with brisk prevailing wind from the Caribbean Sea and an annual mean temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer high temperatures usually never exceed 96 degrees Fahrenheit while winter lows are seldom below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even at night.

Belize Trips for Any Season

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Belize by Month

The most popular time to travel in Belize is late December through April when rainfall is diminished and the humidity is nicely tempered by Caribbean Sea breezes. During the “green” season, wetter weather prevails May through November, with the exception of August, which often offers a brief respite from the rain. September through November brings the chance of tropical storms and hurricanes. Saltwater temperature varies between 75 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.