Looking for the best Galapagos luxury trip? View our curated selection of cruises and land tours, then contact our experts to book your stay among our selection of Galapagos luxury hotels and yachts. Our luxury Galapagos tours are designed to explore the islands up close and in style.

With so many Galapagos luxury trip options it can be difficult to choose the right holiday for you. AdventureSmith Explorations is here to help you with this quick guide to get you started on planning your Galapagos luxury vacation. 

Use the filters in the sidebar below to narrow down your trip search but keep in mind that the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination so you can truly choose any time of year to explore this magical place. That’s where our expertise comes into play to give you truly the best high-end experience.

The Galapagos Luxury Vacation Experience

What does a Galapagos luxury trip with AdventureSmith Explorations offer? All of our luxury Galapagos tours and cruises focus on offering a comfortable, comprehensive program to get you actively exploring the landscapes and unique wildlife of the islands through daily guided hikes and excursions.

Many trips also offer opportunities to experience the charismatic megafauna of the region through snorkel excursions, SCUBA diving or glass-bottom boats for a guided, dry encounter. We will personally work with you to find the perfect refuge for your individual needs for both full days of exploration and relaxing after the action. Let us match you with the best Galapagos luxury trip for your interests, style and budget.

Galapagos Luxury Hotels & Accommodations

Our curated selection of vacation packages bring you the best Galapagos luxury hotels and small ship experiences available in the Galapagos Islands. Choose from upscale wilderness lodges and eco-hotels that get you close to nature without sacrificing comfort and amenities; boutique hotels that immerse you in the culture of the region with authentic Galapagos ambiance; or Galapagos luxury yachts that feature spacious ocean-view staterooms, many with balconies.

Luxury is relative in the Galapagos and while these properties may not fit the traditional definition of luxury, they have been tested by our team to feature the best adventure itineraries and top-rated naturalist guides. Our luxury options are squarely focused on the immersive Galapagos experience versus being insulated compounds that isolate you from the wonders of actively exploring the archipelago.

The Galapagos Islands put nature first so expect our featured luxury hotels here to come with a healthy dose of bringing the outside in. For example, a stay at Galapagos Safari Camp in the Santa Cruz Highlands shelters you in a private safari tent as giant tortoises roam the property.

Finch Bay Eco Hotel is a model of sustainability located oceanfront and surrounded by a national park. This National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World has also been named among the world’s leading green hotels.

Golden Bay Hotel & Spa is a great close-to-town option on San Cristobal Island if you’re seeking to connect with the local community yet still be waterfront. Solar-heated infinity pools, spas, onsite greenhouses and even solar-powered skiffs to explore on the ocean highlight these Galapagos Islands luxury hotels to set them apart from other accommodations.

Galapagos Luxury Trips for Groups & Charters

Travelers looking for an exclusive Galapagos experience can charter a private luxury boat or book an exclusive small group land package or even consider a lodge buy-out for a truly exclusive stay. A Galapagos luxury vacation group or Galapagos yacht charter offers travelers the ability to create a more intimate experience while customizing the itinerary to suit your interests and abilities and save money. Our Galapagos luxury vacation packages are ideal for solo travelers or groups of 2-100 guests.

Galapagos Luxury Trip Extensions & Custom Arrangements

Our travel experts are adept at crafting luxury custom tours and extensions. With upgraded pre- and post-cruise hotel offerings in Quito or Guayaquil, city tours and specialized cruise extensions to Ecuador’s highlands, the Amazon jungle, the Ecuadorian cloud forest or Machu Picchu, Peru, our South America luxury travel is effortless, seamless and filled with adventure. This once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation to the Galapagos—and beyond if you choose—will not easily be forgotten.

Not sure if luxury is right for you? Learn more about AdventureSmith Explorations Galapagos to keep researching all of our travel options for all budgets, or head straight to our Trip Finder to search and filter all Galapagos trips.