If you haven’t already booked your 2019 holiday travel, now is the time. Our experts have compiled this guide by curating the top holiday travel destinations for Christmas and New Year’s. Space is becoming quite limited in the popular holiday destinations of the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica; however, we have you covered with many other incredible departures. Use this guide below to hone in on what’s available in these hotspots, or discover a new destination prime for holiday travel.

**Note that this list changes daily as prospective travelers turn into confirmed ones; contact AdventureSmith Explorations to find out the latest.

Pod of dolphins seen from a small ship cruise in Hawaii on a holiday vacation.

2019 Top Holiday Travel Picks:

Trade Turkey for a Traditional Pa’ina (Feast) in Hawaii

A prime trip for the holidays is a trip through the Hawaiian Islands on a small ship cruise that sails off-the-beaten path. A Hawaiian Islands cruise offers just the holiday travel you are looking for: a relaxing voyage from island to island, including Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii that avoids the holiday crowds. Listen to traditional music, enjoy pa’ina, learn about local folklore and snorkel, paddleboard and kayak.

Couple aboard a small ship cruise in Hawaii snorkeling on a holiday vacation.

Leave the Holiday Jungle at Home & Head for Costa Rica & Panama’s Rainforest

Travel the short distance south from North America to get aboard a small ship cruise along the coast of Costa Rica and travel inland up the canal in Panama. Experience the wildness of these areas by visiting lush jungles, national parks, wildlife refuges, beautiful beaches and pristine islands while hiking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, kayaking and traveling through the locks of the Panama Canal.

Monkey in a tree spotted on a land tour while small ship cruising Costa Rica and Panama.

Trade Snowflakes & Pine Trees for Sand & Cacti in Baja, Mexico

Beat the winter blues with the vibrant blue hues of the Sea of Cortez. Snorkel with whale sharks, hike through incredibly tall Cardon cactuses and leisurely take in the birdlife as you sail through Baja in a small ship—the hassle-free way to spend a holiday abroad.

Leave your down jackets and boots at home and pack your tank tops and flipflops.

Leave your down jackets and boots at home and pack your tank tops and flipflops to enjoy beaches and cactus-clad ridges. Get aboard a small ship cruise to travel to remote inlets and bays while experiencing the solitude far away from the holiday mayhem.

Guests on holiday vacation on a hiking excursion with their small cruise ship in a bay in Baja California.

Additional Holiday 2019 Travel Options:

Gratitude & Wine Flow on the Columbia River 

Experience the holidays like no other on a small ship cruise infused with exclusive winery and brewery tours and hand-crafted meals and parings to keep you satisfied and knowledgeable about the region’s vast varietals.

Experience the holidays like no other on this cruise with exclusive winery and brewery tours.

The Snake and Columbia Rivers offer more than a little to be grateful for with the dynamic scenery, vast wine country and tasty offerings. Why not spend your vacation casually sipping wine while cruising on a small ship to the next winery?

Guests on a small ship cruise kayak on a river in a Pacific Northwest canyon on a holiday trip.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Bright Stars in the Brazilian or Peruvian Amazon

The holiday travel season is the time to experience a different type of river cruising—one into the depths of the jungle. The holidays are right in the middle of the high-water season of the Amazon, offering access to isolated corners with more extensive explorations to see the vast wildlife of the Brazilian or Peruvian Amazon.

Go far beyond civilization into the remote belly of the jungle in an expansive World Heritage reserve.

Travel through the deep Brazilian Amazon and go far beyond civilization into the remote belly of the jungle in an expansive UNESCO World Heritage reserve. With excellent guiding and access via canoe and kayak, get into the primitive forest teeming with unique wildlife on your next holiday vacation.

Farther west in Peru’s expanse of the Amazon, explore flooded forests, lakes and lagoons in search of fantastically diverse flora and fauna waiting around every bend. Go on excursions in skiffs or kayaks and roam through the dense jungle—revealing a world of colorful wildlife and local communities that have been in the area for generations.

Guests on a river cruise for a holiday vacation explore the Peruvian Amazon on a skiff excursion.

Save the Best Gift for Yourself & Sail through Indonesia

Go on a true adventure to a place few travelers have been: sail aboard a small ship through Indonesia. Experience this global epicenter of marine diversity, endemic animals and birds, and locales with intertwined culture and history. Sail through an uncommon destination and venture beyond the average traveler through Indonesia’s rich archipelago.

Small cruise ship surrounded by remote islands in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Keep Traditions Alive in Antarctica

Feeling lucky? It is possible for holiday departures to still be available to the White Continent. Call AdventureSmith for details and current availabilities as these spots fill up quickly!

Still want a white Christmas? You are in luck as there are still spots available for departures to the White Continent. Call AdventureSmith for details and current availabilities as these are filling up!

Penguins celebrating christmas seen from a land excursion off a small ship expedition cruise in Antarctica.

With all these options for hassle-free travel set up for you by the experts at AdventureSmith Explorations, your 2019 holidays could be the least stressful yet! Leave the crazy shopping malls at home and imagine spending your holidays calmly paddling and searching for birdlife, drinking cocktails on a sundeck and leisurely hiking through an intriguing new environment with an expert guide.

Remember that our holiday travel recommendations change daily as prospective travelers turn into confirmed ones. Contact AdventureSmith to find out the latest availability on all of our trips and to secure your 2019 holiday travel plans.