Want to know what the food is like? Which cabin category is best aboard which Galapagos small ship? How active a cruise can be? Read our Galapagos cruise reviews to explore firsthand accounts of the cruise experience, along with trip testimonials rating the quality of ships and hotels, food, guides, activities and the overall Galapagos cruise experience.

Who writes these Galapagos cruise reviews?

Our expert crew writes the Expert Reviews. Our Adventure Specialists visit the Galapagos multiple times a year to bring you honest reports from firsthand expertise. These Galapagos cruise reviews are not hour-by-hour accounts but a review about the trip as a whole. They may list highlights or standout moments, but their goal is to share honest information, practical knowledge and pro tips to help visitors researching that destination to make an informed purchase and have an even better time.

Travel Journals are written by real travelers like you! Some of our guests loved their vacation so much they told us what they thought so we could share it with you. For fun personal stories and daily journal entries from travelers, look for the author “AdventureSmith Traveler” or use the side bar filter and select “travel journal” and get ready to be inspired for the journey ahead. Remember, AdventureSmith travels beyond the Galapagos, so be sure to view our worldwide small ship cruise reviews to many of our other exciting destinations.

Replicable Experiences

There are so many factors that go into a memorable Galapagos vacation: the people you meet, the weather, the wildlife you spot and so much more! We can’t promise perfect weather or these exact same wildlife experiences, but the magic of the Galapagos is, you may see and experience something even better! What our reviews of Galapagos cruises will do is describe the general onboard experience that can be replicated so the advice is useful to you as a reader; things like the daily schedule of activities, meals and accommodation review. We understand you are researching a destination and we strive to provide a helpful trip review.

Want Even More Galapagos Photos?

They say a photo can speak a thousand words, but we can’t possibly fit them all into these Galapagos cruise reviews. Luckily, if the blog post comes with a Facebook album you will see it linked at the bottom of the expert review. Follow the link to feast your eyes on even more incredible photos of Galapagos wildlife, landscape, activities and accommodations.

Galapagos Cruisers Rate Their Experience 

We take our guests’ post-trip evaluation forms and publish them as easily digestible testimonials. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read some Galapagos cruise testimonials: Cliff Notes-style reviews of Galapagos cruises with a range of categories featuring a star rating system. If testimonials exist for your trip and ship, they will also be listed on the specific cruise page and accommodation page.

Is your specific question not answered in these Galapagos cruise reviews?

We make it easy to get your Galapagos questions answered quickly.  After reading any of our Galapagos cruise reviews, simply leave a blog comment at the bottom of the page and a Galapagos specialist will reply via comment then provide follow up! You can also contact our Adventure Specialists directly by using our contact form or by calling 1-877-620-2875. We are Galapagos experts—here to help you research, select, book and prepare for your travel with firsthand insight.

Be sure to also read our Galapagos cruise guides. These resources and blog posts cover everything from how to choose your cruise and what the weather will be like, to the wildlife you’ll see when you get there. Browse our selection of Galapagos cruise deals.