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Galapagos Land Tours
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Our Galapagos land tours offer flexible itineraries and additional time to explore Puerto Ayora or San Cristobal, the archipelago’s two largest settlements. Let AdventureSmith Explorations’ experts be your guide to all the Galapagos Island tour options. Why book with us?

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Work with one Adventure Specialist on all aspects of your tour for a seamless trip.

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Explore the Galapagos from boutique hotels focused on active exploration.

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Our specialists travel to the Galapagos multiple times a year to bring you our firsthand expertise.

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Our Galapagos tours come with our valuable insight on when, where & how to best visit.

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Galapagos Island FAQs

AdventureSmith sends hundreds of travelers on Galapagos land-based tours and Galapagos cruises each year; let our team be your clear and efficient resource when planning your trip. What questions do we get asked the most? We’ll answer one of our most frequently asked questions here, but browse our Galapagos travel guides to research more.

When is the best time of year to visit the Galapagos? Located just south of the equator, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos is a great year-round travel destination. There is no bad time to visit as the weather is pleasant and the wildlife active all year long. For a detailed discussion, please visit our Galapagos by Month: When to Go & Why travel guide. Note that the period of mid-December to mid-January is typically the busiest season and often carries a holiday surcharge; aim to book at least 12 months in advance if you wish to visit the islands over the holidays.

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The Galapagos Luxury Experience

We’ve curated this list of Galapagos luxury tours and cruises for travelers seeking the highest level of comfort and service. Consult this page for the newest, most upscale Galapagos tours available today. Find high-end hotels and resorts with fine dining and upscale amenities. Plus, our full-service Ecuador and Peru travel packages pair seamlessly with your luxury Galapagos tour.

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Galapagos Tours, Your Way

Looking for a Galapagos Islands experience that’s entirely unique to your group? Our experts can help your group select the best hotels and accommodations for your travel needs. And we’ll handle all the logistics of getting to and around the Galapagos Islands, from flights, transfers and hotels to included activities and meals.

Our specialists travel to the Galapagos multiple times a year to bring you our firsthand expertise.


Galapagos Land Tours

Temperature & Rainfall

Avg. High (F)848688868278767476777880
Avg. Low (F)707477727268666462646668
Avg. Water Temp (F)747676767474726668707274
Avg. Rainfall (Inches)

Weather for Year-Round Galapagos Land Tours

You can travel year-round in the Galapagos thanks to the equatorial climate, and the archipelago’s famed endemic species can be seen year-round—even the penguins! For the warmest waters, look to the late-winter/early spring months of February, March and April.

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