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Set along the equator, some 600 miles off the South American coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are a crown jewel of the natural world. A Galapagos cruise to this enchanted archipelago lives up to dreams of a sheltered place far removed from the usual worries of the world. Let AdventureSmith Explorations’ experts be your guide to all the options to find the best Galapagos cruise for you. Why book your journey with us?

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Work with one Adventure Specialist to research, purchase & prepare for your Galapagos cruise.

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We offer an unmatched selection of small Galapagos cruises aboard more than 25 expedition ships.

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Our team travels to the Galapagos multiple times a year to pass along our firsthand expertise.

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Galapagos Cruise FAQs

AdventureSmith sends hundreds of passengers aboard small ships to the Galapagos each year; let our team be your clear and efficient resource throughout the selection, booking and trip preparation process. What questions do we get asked the most about Galapagos Islands cruises? We’ll answer one of our most frequently asked questions here, but browse our Galapagos cruising guide to research more.

Which is the right itinerary to see the “best” of the Galapagos? The Galapagos National Park dictates sailing schedules and landing sites over a 15-day circuit to protect this treasured, pristine archipelago. Thus, among your choice of ship itineraries you will find some of the same sites visited, just in different patterns. AdventureSmith highly recommends choosing at least an 8-day cruise to experience a wide range of habitats and species. Most 8-day routes will have a bit of it all! For the most comprehensive Galapagos cruise, choose a 15-day itinerary to more fully cruise around the Galapagos Islands. But as each traveler is unique, there’s truly no single best Galapagos cruise; it’s all about how we match you with the one that’s best for you!

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Galapagos Family Cruises

With decades of combined experience planning, selling and taking Galapagos Islands cruises—and experience being parents of young travelers—AdventureSmith shares our expertise and favorite trips for Galapagos family cruises. Kids love a Galapagos adventure cruise for the up-close animal spotting, active in-the-water time and hands-on education. Use this dedicated page as a hub for planning to visit the Galapagos with children and teenagers.

A Galapagos penguin looks into the water from a rock while a Galapagos catamaran rests in the bakground

Luxury Galapagos Cruises

For discerning travelers seeking the highest level of comfort and service, we’ve curated this list of Galapagos luxury cruises. Consult this page for the newest, most upscale ships sailing Galapagos Islands cruises today. Find spacious, beautifully designed suites, large windows or private balconies, fine dining and upscale amenities. Plus, our full-service Galapagos Islands cruise packages and Ecuador boutique hotel and hacienda accommodations pair seamlessly with your luxury charter for an every-detail-accounted-for vacation.

An iguana basks on rocks in front of a Galapagos masted sailing ship

Galapagos Yacht Charters

Explore the iconic landscape and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands exclusively with your family and friends aboard a private yacht charter cruise. A Galapagos yacht charter can help groups of travelers save money, have an intimate cruise experience and customize their trip. View our curated list of the best ships available for charter in the archipelago. Our experts can then help your group select the best vessel in Galapagos for your travel needs and handle all the logistics.

Penguins, marine iguanas, giant tortoises and the beloved blue-footed booby await on this enchanted archipelago.


Galapagos Cruises

Temperature & Rainfall

Avg. High (F)848688868278767476777880
Avg. Low (F)707477727268666462646668
Avg. Water Temp (F)747676767474726668707274
Avg. Rainfall (Inches)

Currents Affect Weather & Wildlife

Weather in the Galapagos Islands is perfect for small ship cruising year-round. The climate of Ecuador’s Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands are almost entirely influenced by the ocean currents, with the warm Panama current arriving from the north December through May and the cool Humboldt and Peru currents descending June through November. Keep reading to learn more about planning your Galapagos cruise around the weather and wildlife diversity that each season brings.

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