South America Galapagos Islands Cruise

Letty Galapagos Cruises

The Letty yacht is custom designed for Galapagos cruising. Cruise with only 20 fellow guests, venturing ashore in small groups of 10 to experience the islands in a highly personal, up close way. This high guide-to-guest ratio allows travelers to experience a more authentic and educational experience in the company of expert naturalist guides.

The Letty yacht operates two 8-day Galapagos cruise itineraries, which can be combined to create a comprehensive 15-day cruise or shortened into 7-day routes. Contact our Galapagos small ship cruise experts for the inside scoop on which route is best for you. AdventureSmith Explorations’ award-winning crew has personal experience sailing in the Galapagos Islands and can recommend the best options to suit your travel interests and timeline.

The Letty yacht is a leader in sustainable travel to the Galapagos Islands. Along with its former sister ship, Eric, it was the first to earn and maintain the ecological certification SmartVoyager and was Ecuador’s first carbon-neutral cruise operator.

The Letty offers talented naturalist guides, easy nature hikes and snorkeling. Each naturalist takes a group of no more than 10 passengers on all shore excursions and shares extensive insights into the islands’ diverse wildlife and natural history. Small pangas (inflatable skiffs) ferry passengers to shore for island visits. Families appreciate select Galapagos family cruises geared towards active travelers with children.

Galapagos cruise shore excursions aboard the Letty include hiking ancient lava fields where you will encounter prehistoric reptiles. See the courtship dance of the blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants and massive waved albatross, just to name a few of the comical seabirds. Explore beaches of black, red and green sand leading to the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Being able to snorkel, scuba dive, kayak or stand-up paddleboard while on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands is one of the highlights. Encounter a range of ocean life, including sea lions, dolphins, whales and tame sharks in the marine reserve surrounding these extraordinary islands. 

Families with children are welcome throughout the year aboard Letty. During school breaks, there are designated Galapagos Family Cruises that offer the best of a science museum, zoo, aviary, marine park and cruise vacation all rolled into one. Naturalists aboard the Letty know how to bring these islands to life and to balance learning with fun for the entire family. The Letty also offers special cruises that are specific for teens with a cultural and science component. Call our Galapagos cruise experts for details.

Highlights of the East Galapagos Islands itinerary include viewing the unique wildlife of Espanola, home of the most endemic species in the Galapagos; the incredible snorkeling of Champion Islet and visits to the historical Post Office Bay on Floreana; and exploring the two small islands of North Seymour and South Plaza which offer the largest colony of frigatebirds, a wide variety of wildlife and a deep-water snorkel experience between islands.

Highlights of the West Galapagos Islands itinerary include the northern island of Genovesa, famed for its birdlife; a venture out to Fernandina, the youngest island, with the largest colony of marine iguanas; the volcanic formations of Elizabeth Bay and pirate graffiti on Isabela; tide-pooling on Santiago; and the red beaches of Rabida.

While each itinerary has its own merits, securing the 20-guest Letty as one of our private Galapagos yacht charters will enable your group to pick and choose your own set of highlights.

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